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After finding an excellent price through a Chisinau travel agency, we booked a five-day bus junket to three European capitals: Budapest, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; and Bratislava, Slovakia. The one … more
Alongside traffic and coffee, news radio is a staple of my commute. As I flip through the stations, I’ll sometimes hear a pundit lament that “Nothing is made in America … more
Have you checked out our local library recently? If not, you should. I’ve talked previously about the wonderful things we have in town such as the library. I was impressed again this past … more
Familiarize yourself with the hashtag #OutNow. It is’s message: “In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America!” The group’s goal is … more
One of the most challenging concepts to understand about the water and wastewater industry is that, in order to build a sustainable future, it is critical to expect the unexpected. Like so many … more
Local news starts with us. Newspapers have been the foundation of real news for more than 300 years. While the delivery of the product has transitioned from black ink on newsprint, to the internet, … more
The Trump administration’s move to prohibit flavored e-cigarettes is getting a raft of flak, but not from the usual Democrat saboteurs. Conservatives and libertarians are coming together in the … more
Just like the Willie Nelson song, we’re “On The Road Again.” We took two more day trips. The first was by bus with three destinations: an old, historic town, monasteries and … more
Much has changed since 2002 when the Professional Nursing Law was last revised to include licensed dietitian nutritionists. Licensed nutritionists and licensed dietitian nutritionists play a … more
The history books tell us that slavery officially ended in the United States on Dec. 6, 1865, when the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. However, the prevalence of human trafficking … more
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