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The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement was signed by President Donald Trump and his fellow leaders at the G20 in Argentina. The accord modernizes the decades-old NAFTA and is chock full of … more
Donald Trump didn’t forget he promised Iowa’s corn growers he’d be there for them if they helped send him to Washington. He’s told the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to … more
The owner of Three Mile Island, Exelon, announced that it will close TMI in 2019 unless federal or state governments act to place nuclear power on a level playing field economically with other forms … more
I’ve been housebound now for 13 days, and that’s not a lucky number. It all happened after I was viciously attacked on Feb. 9. While walking along the Tomebamba River path at 2 a.m., … more
Six rings. With the New England Patriots’ low-score win against the Los Angeles Rams on Feb. 3, Tom Brady establishes beyond any reasonable or rash doubt that he is the GOAT — hooves, … more
Do you know how often you use the services and programs provided by your county government? When you go to the courthouse for jury duty or to get a marriage license, it’s obvious that you … more
Western foreign policy analysts are getting the heebie-jeebies about China outpacing the United States economically to take the lead in international economic trade and investment. By 2020, … more
Last year, nearly 50 of our neighbors fled Pennsylvania every day. They moved to growing states like Texas, Florida and North Carolina, seeking opportunity. Meanwhile, we literally can’t … more
Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have made it clear they want to transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, even as countries that could pose a serious threat to U.S. security … more
In these times of extreme rhetoric and deep political divisions, consider the words of President Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday we celebrated Feb. 12: “Folks are usually about as happy as they … more
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