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23 Years Ago 11/4/2015

11 4 15 bwWEB23 YEARS AGO - Nightmare In The Park – Getting a “head” in the funding of the “Kid’s Kastle” was the name of the game last weekend as volunteers tabled the job of creating a nightmare in the park. Hoffer Park, Middletown was the location for more scares than your average heart can take and the takers were in the hundreds. All proceeds from the event will go toward the “Kid’s Kastle” fund, a super playground that also will be located at Hoffer Park. Pictured from left are: Danielle Espenshade, Julianna Sukle and Megan Graybill.

November 4, 1992 Edition Of The Press And Journal

Russian Brings World Of Change To Many At Penn State Harrisburg

Imagine being a history professor at your country’s largest, most prestigious university, and being told by the government that you may not lecture about certain periods in your nation’s past.

Imagine standing before a class of young people who are eager to learn about their country’s culture and heritage, and having to explain to those students that there are certain things they must never know.

Imagine, also, a day when the ironclad rules, which have restricted education in your country for decades, are finally dropped, and the world’s vast history is again open for study…