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School board OKs teachers’ contract

A new three-year contract has been approved for teachers in Middletown Area School District, according to a joint statement issued on Monday, Sept. 28, by the Middletown Area School Board and the teachers’ union, the Middletown Area Education Association.

The school board approved the contract by 9-0 vote on Monday, Sept. 28. The teachers have approved the contract, according to the joint statement.

The contract provides for average salary increases of 2.7 percent in each year of the agreement, which runs from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2018.

The average raise for district teachers in the first year is $1,386 (2.4 percent), followed by $1,597 (2.7 percent) in the second year and $1,639 in the third year (2.7 percent).

Hourly rates for extra-work assignments will gradually increase from the current $30.75 per hour to $35 per hour by the end of the agreement.

The new contract continues the qualified high deductible health plan that the school district put in place six years ago. The amount that teachers must pay toward their health care coverage will go up in each of the three years of the agreement, according to the joint statement.

The agreement also includes changed or added language pertaining to extended contract employees, supplemental contract timing, credit for teaching and evaluating exceptional children, induction program participation, personal leave and retirement notification.

The school board and the association entered into initial discussions toward a new contract in January. Both sides reached a tentative agreement in August.


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