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Sound OFF - 9/30/15


Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

• “Harrisburg, Pa. is a city. Have to have a car.”

• “Winter will be a mess without Main Street paved. I imagine PennDOT doesn’t have the money without a state budget deal. The sidewalks downtown are a sad sight also. The new pub put a temporary sign up. That’s hopeful. The Black Horse Inn and Reliance Therapy buildings are being worked on. Won’t it be nice to see life back in Middletown? It’s not pretty, but parking would make sense at the corner of Union and Emaus. There could be a secure locked donation box there to raise funds for good old Middletown. Does anyone know what a hookah lounge is?”

• “What a great story about Charlie Selcher. He was a treasure in our community. I know it’s hard for many, but I wish more of our seniors would stay active and involved in our community instead of sitting around all the time. They still have so much to give at missions, after-school programs, churches and local events. Hopefully they can live long and fruitful until they go home to be with the Lord.”

• “Congratulations to Sgt. Rick Hiester for 25 years of service on the Middletown Police Department.”

• “It is my understanding that HIA needs the trees cleared at Sunset Golf Course in order to land large cargo planes at the airport. If so, why does their profit margin trump the golf course’s economic stability? How about some investigative journalism on this subject?”

• “The crew working on South Union Street must be fearless. You’d have to be to stand in the middle of the road around a blind corner without any warning signs.”

• “I fail to understand how it could cost $500,000 to finish the corner of Union and Emaus? It would only take $25,000 to concrete that empty area, another $15,000 for a nice gazebo and several benches at $5,000. That’s less than $50,000 – not $500,000!”