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Sound off - 9/16/2015


“Someone stole my old Troy-Bilt mower near Wood and Wilson. Watch your lawn equipment.”

“What a disappointment Meet the Raider’s Night was, to introduce all of the other sports and NOT the 2015 football Raiders. People were there to meet the Raider’s. GET WITH THE PROGRAM COACH.”

“MASD director of operations says he was not opposed to synthetic turf. NOT TRUE. Ask anyone in the know. It was a done deal until he stuck his nose in, otherwise Memorial Field would have turf and be in constant use by teams, the band, midget football, etc. It ranks as one of the dumbest decisions of all time.”

“Many thanks to whoever wrote the item regarding the Expat. I am drawn to his interesting articles to learn about life in another country, but I don't appreciate the manner in which the articles are written.”

“You know I don't mind people who smoke cigarettes, that’s a personal choice. But why do I see LST employees mowing the grass in the public parks that children play in smoking on the mower. It's unprofessional and I don't need it to be flaunted that these employees statistically will cost more money for insurance over time that will trickle down to the taxpayer. It's a public park and I wouldn't want my child picking up your discarded cigarette butts. (One could assume that tractors don't have ashtrays). Take a smoke break somewhere else and on your own time such as lunch or break. I shouldn't be paying you to smoke!”

“Be careful when you follow the masses, sometimes the ‘m’ is silent.”

“They should make anyone 65 or older retire, because they’re taking the jobs away from the young people. I understand some need to work for money, and some work because they are bored with their life, well take up a hobby like me, get out do something. And it's not about working hard to get ahead. Look at me I worked hard all my life, started out with nothing, and I still have most of it, but I'm chillin now.”

“Hey, is Middletown going to repave Route 230 going through town, or are they going to let it like that? Imagine come plowing time the road will be in pieces.”