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Remember the past on Primary Election Day

In a few short days the citizens of Middletown will have the chance to make a difference! That is right – on Tuesday, May 19 you have the opportunity to vote for five Borough Council positions.

When you go to the polls on Tuesday, please remember the following items which have occurred over the long three years and five months that this council has had control.

• Remember all of the unreturned phone calls and unprofessional conversations with the borough administration since Jan. 1, 2012. The borough administration is there to help the citizens, but since council President Chris McNamara’s reign of terror the borough administration has done nothing but hurt the citizens of this town.  

• Remember the PennDOT snow plow agreement and the failure of borough leadership to follow through on a vote by council to enter into an agreement with PennDOT. Borough leadership not only ignored a vote by council but they ignored you, the voters. The disrespect by borough leadership led to PennDOT pulling the original agreement off the table because too much time had passed.  

• Remember when Borough Council voted to eliminate funding for the library. This vote occurred even after the citizens of this community attended council meetings to voice their displeasure.

• Remember Middletown Borough’s decision to cut down the beautiful trees in our central business district. This decision to cut the trees down came during a meeting that few were aware of or could attend.

• Remember the hiring practices implemented by this Borough Council. Most of the positions filled during this council’s tenure lacked any openness: Example: No open interviews and little to no advertisement that the positions were open.

• Remember the approval for the $290,000 construction project for the new police station located at the electric building. As you may recall, this was voted on without ever seeing blueprints or detailed cost estimates for the project. How can a Borough Council that says "Middletown is broke" vote blindly on a project to spend $290,000? This was passed by a 7-2 vote with John Brubaker and myself dissenting.

• Remember McNamara’s conduct during the course of the past three years and five months. One example of his behavior is from April 6: McNamara abruptly adjourned a meeting because the citizens of this town were being critical of his leadership.   This type of behavior is not what our country was founded on.  

• Remember the personal attacks by this borough towards private citizens. The borough Web site and newsletter have both delivered personal attacks on our citizens during McNamara’s reign.

• Finally, remember: On May 19 you can make a difference! Get out to the polls and vote to remove all incumbent candidates for Borough Council.

If you want to see this town regain its pride, then I encourage you to vote for the following candidates:  

• David Scully – First Ward Democrat for both the four- and two-ear seats.

• Sean Vaccarino – First Ward Republican for the four-year seat.

• Greg Wilsbach – Second Ward Republican.

• Damon Suglia – Third Ward Republican.

Additionally, if you do not see these candidates on your party's ticket, please remember that you can write them in for your party's nomination.  

The candidates above will help move this town forward, as they have a lot of energy and ideas that we need to help us move away from the division that the current leadership has created.

Scott Sites


The writer is a Middletown Borough Council member representing the First Ward.