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Sound Off - 10/22/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “What a world that we live in! Even those whose job it is to protect the people stereotype and profile individuals based on race or religious beliefs. It’s the radicals that put a label on an entire race or religion. Not all people should be viewed in this way. Most others are good, decent, caring people. If you are one of the individuals that practices this type of behavior, even going as far as to promote your twisted beliefs on Facebook, it is time to turn in your badge and step away from law enforcement. We don’t need your kind here on Earth. Just go away! ‘Nuff said.”


• “Why do we recycle trash? It sounds like a good idea but it’s all about money. We recycle it for the trash company and they in turn make money off of it. We are paying them to pick up our trash and they make money off us. Plus, whenever you buy something that’s recycled it costs more than something new.”


• “For Sale: One borough, currently know as Middletown. Naming rights included. Please contact Chris McNamara. Address: Hades.”


• “Now that the Lamp Post is being sold, will the borough finally get paid all of the thousands of dollars that are owed in utility bills, or was there a special friendship deal in place for them?”


• “I hope the Press And Journal prints this – and I’m no expert on the matter, but the experts are getting it wrong in my opinion. I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the Ebola problem about to hit this country. And I’ll give you my reasons for saying that. Flu season is upon us. So all these people that go to the doctors or hospital because they think they got the flu and the doctors treat them and send them home – and suppose just one of them has the Ebola virus instead of the flu? They won’t know, will they, unless they screen everyone with the flu symptoms for the Ebola virus? Here’s one scenario: Suppose someone goes to Hershey Medical Center because they think they have the flu and they treat them but they do not screen them for Ebola, and suppose they decide to go to the hospital cafeteria, and while they’re in there they are coughing all over the place and sneezing? And if they had Ebola, do you know how fast it would spread? My point I’m making is: Everyone who gets the flu, how will they know if it’s the flu when they first get there? You know everyone is not going to be screened for Ebola. The reason I think this is important is Ebola has a 70 percent mortality rate. There’s no guessing for error here.”

• “If people are throwing rocks at the game, they need escorted out. Let the future rehab patients go elsewhere.”


• “Congratulations to John Harper, co-captain of the 1994 national basketball champions, for being inducted into the Lebanon Valley College Hall of Fame. Apparently this wasn’t important enough for the Press And Journal to publish, even though John was a Middletown graduate.”

  (Editor’s note: We are planning a story on John Harper’s induction. Unfortunately, with so much going on in news and sports, and a small staff, we cannot promise we can publish stories in specific issues in which family, friends and readers want to see them.)