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Vintage Highspire Happenings with Tom Herald: 10/8/14


A Brief History of the 

Highspire Cemetery Association, excerpt from October 12, 1994 column


In March of 1867 the Highspire Cemetery Association was advertised, the charter was issued on May 9, 1867 and the act was officially recorded on May 15 of that year. Ceremonies of dedication were held on June 16 with Bishop J. L. Kephart of the United Brethren Church presiding. The original directors were: Jacob Roop Sr., Henry Roop, Martin Wetzel, Jacob Roop Jr., and Dr. E.J. Putt. Dr. Putt was chosen as superintendent, John Buser was elected treasurer, and one Henry Blyer was chosen as keeper. Early rules and regulations are of interest for their contrast to modern life and historical perspective.


We quote from early records: “Charges for interments shall be as follows:  digging and sodding a grave of a person over twelve years of age - three dollars; over six and under twelve years of age -  two dollars; six years and under - one dollar and fifty cents. Surplus earth to be removed free of charge. The gates are to be locked daily, both morning and evening, etc. Except in case of funerals, no carriage or person on horseback will be admitted on the grounds.”


This was recorded 127 years ago. Directors serving in 1994 are John Snyder, Bobby Gross and Wilbur Furman.