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frankobitI had been back there all my life. I had actually went through Agnes back there when I was 9 years. A gnes was a little worse about 1 foot worse. The experience was very traumatic- the wind from irene from hurricane electricty out for a week. and then the flood came and got 6 foot of water in our house. the water was coming up really fast it was crazy. it was just me and my wife because we were kind of secluded and no one could get us. we are a little higher than the driveway. we had to carry everything up and tried to put a bunch fo stuff in the attic.. reports were really bad. it was really scary as far as dealing with FEMA and the twp. FEMA was amazing. they came back and idk what we would have done with out them. they assessed the house and they said they were going to give us a grant and they did. and cmae back and did a reassessment and gave us even more money. low interest loan through the SBA and got a home here in harrisburg. and now with this haazard mititgation which should go through in the bext month or so. we're going to--all the moey has to be applied to be house. very little mortgage left it's been a waiting game and it's very hard to go through and youre going through more stress than you ever have in your luife but at the dame time tyoure dealing with tthe government.. barely hanging on to get through very thankful for the presdient releasing the funds and most of all im very thankful for alan knoche.. also the governor..idk what we would do if it wouldnt be for him (alan) if we didnt get this buyback.. we;d be responsible for tearing fownt eh houses and we just couldnt do that.

my mom was living and she went through the whole program too..and i did the paperwork for her..i was taking care of two properties..her whole house was pushed off rthe foundation- shirley

what happened we were stuck back there..we had to walk a mile through the mountains and through the woods to get to vine street. lucky enough to have one vehicle out there ondry ground and lost a vehicle.

the things we got in the attic.. we lost all of our furniture..i had been collecting books as a child..and i lost my whole library but because they were hard to move ad too heavy to move.. we were moving anything that was monetarily expensive to a usiciuan had a bunch of guitars..we were completely worn out.. and my wife she wasn't strong enough to pick up furniture..we were..a lot of our pictures got flooded..we were to recover a lot of them..

you got to understand..some days this doesnt feel like home.

noellei could tell you it's still bad to go back there.. oh boy.. all i can tell you is it's very heartbreaking.. you walk into something like that..and all your one point i had to go back and we walked through the agnes the only thing stciking out wa the very peak of the roof.. 3 foot of water in the house at the tiie.. wave from the door just went through.. furniture floating around.. it was is very idk how to explain it ..strainge and also disheartening. you dont know where youre going to go from there and it's very disheartening. we couldn't get anything out anyway whe you stepped on the porch was 5 we just left eveyrhitng in the attic.

well id say we're a lot further than most. it's rare that it doesnt feel like's just that when you live anyplace after living 47 years it takes a long while before it feels like home.. going back there gets eerie. when we went back to the mothers house was a little..there was a one point where we slept in that wasnt really sleep becase yiu culdnt sleep.. water as pushing on the foundation and we said we had to go.. 5 of us in the boat and the motor wouldnt work.. and the boat with everything in the boat we would carry the driveway..we had a pole that was 14 fet deep. it was very scary..the current was pshing us toward electric lines. it was a very emotional idk what else tot ell you.

ive enevr had feelings like that before it was very scary. and heartbreaking. all that at once. youre leaving everything you left by.

we're living in a house that s better than what we had before. a better community...back of a cul de sac. it's very nice.

to be honest i really dont like going back...they don't even like going back because it's so sad. we just always thought it would always be there.