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Sound Off - 10/7/2015

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

“Scott Pettis' letter to the editor last week about the state liquor system staying in the hands of the state was too conflicting. I couldn't tell if his objective was to support the current system or blast our state representative. I guess it's easy to support state control of something when you're capitalizing financially on the horribly flawed state retirement system!”

“Penn State college students causing trouble, being disrespectful, damaging private property, trespassing, being a nuisance, and disturbing the peace. Who didn't see this coming? And it's only going to get worse.”

“I attended the picnic at the Fager Funeral Home. My reason for going was to see Melvin Fager who I expected to be the gentleman I went to school with in the 50s. This event was very nice, I will give you that and nothing like I expected. I came to learn, this was the son of the man I knew. I did not talk to him personally, but listened to him answering question from others. This man truly cares and loves his community. When a speaker spoke of what the business will do for the communities I think I even seen him tear up. He sounded just like his father when speaking of Middletown. I do not live in the area anymore but I wish "Jr." all the luck in the world. He really sounded like a chip off the old block.”

“Need more proof that all the ‘hogs’ are not in the inter-city? Take a walk from Highspire to the turnpike bridge on Lumber St. There is enough litter there to fill a dump truck. Everything from McDonalds wrappers to Hypodermic needles, every kind of drink container. PEOPLE, what are you raising by way of the next generation? Slobs, scum-bags, hey they are your kids.”

“The open house at the funeral home this past weekend was very nice. Nothing like expected. The place is beautiful, and the guy that showed me around was very nice. Thank you for have the open house.”