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23 Years Ago - 9/23/15


9 23 15WEB23 YEARS AGO - Challenge Issued – Fox’s Markets has purchased 150 pickets at $25 each as part of its donation to the Middletown Kids’ Kastle playground. The donation was made by the local business on behalf of its 150 employees who staff the local market. Some of those employees are pictured with their pickets at the rear entrance to the local store.

From The Wednesday, September 23, 1992 Edition Of The Press And Journal

Before And After School Childcare Programs Undertaken In Schools

“Come on Susie, or we’ll miss the bus,” says Johnny, age 8, to his 6-year-old sister. They both scurry out the door, but then turn and stop – not to say goodbye to anyone, not to get or give a hug or kiss – but rather to lock their door, the same door they will have to unlock when their school day is over.

Like so many “real” children, Johnny and Susie have parents who must work. And it is children like Johnny and Susie who gave rise to latchkey programs.