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SOUND OFF: 4/8/2015


Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted. 



• “In reference to Patricia Gay and her ad about a handicap space: I applied for a space at the Middletown VFW for our older veterans who have served our country and are disabled and deserve a spot. Know how you feel. I am down by the river with not one house on our block so it really should not matter. Total bull! I may paint the curb and put my own sign up that asks please kindly reserve. Wonder if I could get in trouble? Lol – Crystal Mrakovich.”




• “

“I love reading that if the mayor and Council members “REALIZED” that voting no to the parking was proposal would null and void the old one they wouldn’t have voted no. Like I thought it was there JOB to know, if they don’t know what they are doing then why are they in the positions they are in? The Mayor is more focused on this stupid basketball game then what is going on in the Borough of Middletown. So now we have people complaining that they will move their business somewhere else because of not having one space on the street. Nothing is stopping the drop off van from pulling in the lot and dropping them at the door! Not to mention you can pretty much park anywhere you want in Middletown (unless it is snowing) and you will never get cited. Hell, there are cars parked all over the Borough that have no inspections or are so out of date it is a joke. Let’s get those cars off the street and make room for everyone. And for those businesses who bitch about cars parking on the street, well guess what Kuppy’s you don’t own the street in front of your business. “How about you buy a PARKING LOT like the rest of the world.” And as for the Amtrak lot that everyone is bitching about in the paper, call Amtrak!! Middletown Borough and Police have no control over a lot they don’t OWN! But I guess that will all change when the station moves. One more bitch, people take your Christmas trees to Woody Waste and get them off the street, it makes our town (yes I live here too) look like crap. And the trash does not pick up TV’s or computers!”

"Have you seen all of these ‘No Trucking Terminal’ signs around Lower Swatara Twp.? Understandably, I can see that sometimes people would like to preserve the past but at which point do you draw the line and progress into the future? The locations of many of these warehouses do not affect homes. Take a look –  there are only about 5-6 houses on North Union Street from Fulling Mill Road to the township line. Here is an economic development waiting to happen and provide the township with extra well-needed tax revenue, $1 million to the township and $4 million to the already over-taxed schools. I bet most people with these signs in the yards are also the first to complain about the township raising taxes as well. Sometimes you need to put the past where it belongs, in the past. This country would never be able to move forward or progress if we tried to hold on to the past.”





• “Have to agree with the comment from last week about the crumbling roads in town. We all endured the work downtown last year from Ann Street and South Union up a little past the Brownstone. I thought when completed new road was to be put down. What we have now is nothing more than a large patch that’s falling apart and large potholes appearing. And that’s new road. What a pathetic finish to that project. The intersection at Vine Street and Route 230 is so bad (for years now) my car’s suspension is crying, not to mention my wallet and back. It’s so bad Hersheypark wants to categorize it as their 13th coaster.”


• “A voting referendum should be put on a ballot for Middletown people when the borough is considering selling or leasing a large asset. Example: the sewage department. It is too much power in a few council members to decide what is good for Middletown. Most people did not want the sewage department leased out. A $230,000 debt occurred because of bad management in the sewage department and a weak council. They left delinquent sewage accounts accrue for months creating a $230,000 debt. What they should have done was got on the phone demanding payment and if payment is not made file liens against the property owners and prosecute people with delinquent accounts refusing to pay their bill. But the borough council took the easy way out. They sold out the people of Middletown with a 50-year lease that will cost us more to pay off. If Middletown people paid their bills there would not be any debt. Delinquent accounts for real estate tax appear in the paper every year and the same names appear on the list. Again, some people are not paying their taxes and it is not being collected by the borough, causing a deficit. What the borough needs is responsible financial management and a responsible borough council to do the right thing and not take the easy way out .We need to vote the current council out and get responsible people on council to do what the people of Middletown want.”


• “You will never be successful with people who devalue you, that want you to fail or hold you back. Go where you are celebrated and let karma have those that are against you.”


• “When one kid is doing badly in a class it’s the kid’s fault. But when a bunch of kids are doing bad in one class, could it be the teacher’s fault? No, of course not – those kids like to miss Honor Roll in one class on purpose.”