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Sound OFF: 3/11/2015

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

• “I was just wondering why people spend a lot of money on dentures and want them back in one day? The faster they are made the more the quality goes down!”

• “Men and women: White dinner jackets, white hats, while slacks, white sandals, white shoes and white handbags are for summer! Some people don’t have any fashion sense! White is worn Memorial Day to Labor Day!”

• “It’s disappointing to see from the video taken of the council meetings how the mayor throws a tantrum fit when things don’t go his way. He needs to be more professional. He would be a better coach for sports than he is as a mayor. He spends too much time on social media badmouthing borough employees and other council members. What were people thinking when they voted for this youngster?”

• “Well I seen a lot of negativity in town lately, but I finally got to see something positive today: Leann is back at JJ’s. Now that’s a positive thing! Welcome back, Leann. Glad you’re back! We missed you!”

• “The plows in Oak Hills have been doing a good job. But please do not just blow through the stop signs. There are kids and elderly walking dogs. You are well over the speed limit to start with, and if you have to stop you could never do it.”