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Sound OFF: 3/4/2015



Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

• “Thanks to Coach Riggs for restoring dignity and sportsmanship to our wrestling program. We know it will be a long climb but he is the man for the job. As for the mom who said there would be no team this year: wrong. And your kid did not transfer – empty threats and remnants of what we need to be rid of.”

• “The mayor is being childish. He should be trying to bring the townspeople together, but he’s dividing them. The mayor and three council people are following a very miserable woman who was the former council president and following others who are not upstanding citizens. The entire council needs to work together to move Middletown forward.”

• “Those people protesting the pipeline are probably the first one to shout, ‘Send in the Marines’ when the Arabs raise the price of crude oil.”

• “Anyone notice how Congressman John Payne is writing in his Press And Journal column how he was presented with this award or that award. Not too humble, this guy! Aren’t we lucky to have him? At least he knows how to blow his own horn.” (Editor’s note: John Payne is a state representative who represents the 106th District. He is not a member of Congress.) 

• “Why are the cops scared of the man that abuses his dog?”

• “John Payne’s only accomplishment is distributing a trout stocking guide. He needs to be voted out. He’s a do-nothing place-keeper in the legislature. I challenge anyone to list 10 legislative accomplishments in his career.”