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sound OFF: 2/11/2015

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted. 

• “I think Mike Bowman is what council needs. He’s not scared to speak up and has a special love for Middletown. Go, Mike.”

• “Can we spend less time bitching and complaining about Middletown Borough Council and who is and who isn’t playing nice and actually get down and do something for the people of Middletown? Let’s get the projects rolling and make Middletown a better place to live and raise our children. A place people want to move to not away from. Let’s sit down with the police department and hash out a reasonable fair contract for both sides. Let’s give our new chief John Bey the support and tools to make the Middletown Police Department one that is spoken about in a positive way and proud way. Let’s bring back the pride in Middletown for its residents and future residents.”

• “Mike Bowman has never won an election in his ward and public attendees at the board meeting spoke out against him. So why does Congressman John Payne stick his nose in and help stack council against the reformers? Remember that, voters, when he is up for re-election.” (Editor’s note: John Payne is a state representative who represents the 106th District.)

• “Vote McNamara and his buddies off council at next election. This is the only way to get our town back.”