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Sound Off - 10/1/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “I live in Harborton Place, and that noise from the Turnpike expansion is deafening. The residents there should be able to claim noise damage to their ears. The noise is terrible. I heard when they were going to start that project they were going to put a wall up to muffle the sound.”


• “It’s heartbreaking to see people trying to get rid of their animals on Facebook. If you know a place won’t take animals or only one, why would you move there? All kinds of reasons that make me sick and make me realize most people don’t deserve an animal’s love!”


• “Another football season and again the cheerleaders are cheering to the old folks and the people who are there only to see the game. I am floored that they don’t cheer in front of the band and student section. Who’s idea was it to put those cheerleaders in front of people who are not the least bit interested in cheering the cheers offered by the cheerleaders? I know next year I will be sending this Sound Off in again, because it falls on blind eyes and deaf ears.”


• “First, people complain about vacant code enforcer positions. Now we have people complaining about filled code enforcer’s positions. Unbelievable if you live anywhere else, but it’s the norm in Middletown! Some people just whine about everything! Just be happy that the town finally got a competent one!”


• “Funny how you can apparently own an alligator and even take it shopping in Giant, but if you want to have a chicken or two for eggs, you’re out of luck.”


• “I just had a discussion with a current player on the roster, and that tryouts didn’t matter. As a former player, our legacy is being ruined. I was told half the team knows this error in judgment. I am not sure why no one has gone to the athletic director in the past two years. How can they fix it if it is not brought to their attention? This cannot continue.”


• “I wish they would hurry up and stick that pipe in the ground and get out of here. Making a career out of it.”


• “The Turnpike Commission needs to buy the rest of Harborton Place so we don’t have to hear all that noise they’re going to be making for years.”